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Sunday, August 1, 2010

My super awesome week! (not.)

Well, normally I don't like to bitch about my life. But this week was pretty spectacular.

so last sunday, I get a whole crap load of mouth sores. Weird. I only get them when I'm stressed usually. But county fair is gettin into full swing so I guess it was somewhat understandable.

but then on tuesday, my jaw and lymph nodes and throat swelled up. Weirder. My mouth sores still weren't better (and I'd been medicating them). But maybe it was allergies I thought.

Say hello to saturday. My mouthsores were worse. My throat and jaw was still swollen. So I'm headed to the doctor.

Well he has no idea whats wrong with me. So he says "I'm just gonna say you have sinusitis and you need these pills and these pills."

Great. I still have no clue whats wrong. Or even if these pills are working.


  1. Those ulcers in the mouth are the worst.

    I got some over the weekend, probably because I was drinking a lot of coffee and soda (caffeine seems to help spawn them and then aggravate them once they're there).

    Try gargling two to three times a day with Listerine. It will burn like the fires of Hell but my experience has been that it helps.

    Doing it on a regular basis, at least for me, actually prevents the sores from coming, but I'm usually too lazy to take those measures.


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