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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A Stitch in Time

Today's Dress is one of my absolute favorites.
I made it last summer for my 4-H project. I won first place at county fair and could have gone to State fair but I'd also won reserve grand champion turkey and our sale was the same day as the state fair judging day. I was sad.

Anyways. I made this white eyelet dress and blue denim jacket. 

I loved the white buttons and piping around the jacket. And 3/4 sleeves make it so i can wear the jacket any time of year. It's just a classic.

Now you can kind of see more of the dress.

The dress itself was a simple vintage-style dress. It also came with a pencil skirt option that I'll make sometime this summer.

One of my absolute favorite dresses. I wear it every chance I get.

Nothing like a white eyelet dress to make you feel like a fairy princess! 



  1. You were Right! LOVE IT!!!!!! The piping makes my day :)

  2. Very cool! You have great talent. It makes me want to bring my sewing machine up from the basement and learn how to use it! My best friend and partner in thrift store crime bought it for me for Christmas and I haven't used it! Zootsuitmama

  3. I didn't always enjoy sewing! my mom used to force me to do it with her. But now a days its a good way for me to just sit and think calmly for hours. Plus I've never bought a single dress for an occasion.


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