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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A moment to myself.

Being snowed in and having nothing to do except read through my lines (again...), work through my song (again...), and watch a crap ton of movies (some good, most terrible), I've had plenty of time to think and surprisingly, I've actually accomplished something while appearing to do nothing.
See, I was watching one of my most favorite movies EVER, Ever After, and I was just thinking about how great a job the writer did, weaving different plot lines and developing characters, and taking a well known story and making it new and wonderful. At the same time, I was appreciating how it wasn't over the top and mushy and gross, as such remade fairy tales are likely to be. And then I realized, I COULD DO THAT TOO!

Granted, I haven't the foggiest how yet. But I can learn. I have google and college. I'm set. All my passions in one profession?
Hell. Yes!
I may even branch out into directing or acting or something. And of course still write my novels in my free time. (Which I will have because theres only so long you can work on one project without needing a break) Plus with any luck, I won't have to work in an office.... (shudders)

Its exciting!!

Does anyone know anything about Screenwriting? Or shining examples of pure screenwritten art?


  1. Mickey, YOU KNOW I'VE SEEN IT!!! haha!

  2. Oh, Colleen, the world is your oyster. I am so excited for you. Screen writing sounds like a very satisfying profession.

    Anecdote: Freshman year of college, my hallmates and I spent countless Saturday afternoons watching Ever After. We couldn't get enough of it. We collectively enjoyed the character of the nicer step-sister, particularly when she was dressed as a horse at the ball.


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