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Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Breath Before the Sigh

I finally have half a second to myself... so heres an update!

Our show opens Thursday! It's been very fun. AND exhausting. Hopefully I can get some pictures to put up after!

On a kinda sad note.
My boyfriend couldn't handle my rehearsal schedule and not being able to see me... So we're friends now. plus some other bull about college and cars and it being best for all of us and not liking labels. I dunno. We still hang out etc, etc, etc.
Doesn't suck any less.
 But daddy says if its meant to be then it will happen.

Back to the show.
I kind of feel like the underdog. I'm only a junior with one of the biggest roles. And that hasn't happened in... a VERY long time. So A LOT of people want me to fail I suppose... Including one of our DIRECTORS!! How awesome is that? Unfortunately, they WILL be disappointed.

*did you know that most people spell "a lot"  like "alot" and its wrong? Its soooo dispiriting.

but anyway! Hopefully ill be able to direct you to some video and pictures before long. :D

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  1. Good luck with the show!

    And if I could do high school again, I would NOT tie myself down with a boyfriend. This is your time to be untethered and have fun. Trust me, there is plenty of time for commitment down the line.


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