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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Spring "not so" Break

So. School's out for a week. Which I thought was going to be great. I though "YES! I get a whole week to veg out and write and waste my life away!"
Well. We all know what happens when plans to do nothing are made.
No sooner had I thought this than Mom walked into the living room, where I had arranged my nest (consisting of several afgans, the remote, my laptop, a box of 109 crayons, and trail mix), and informed me of "my plans."
So today I began completing my "plans".

I woke up at 8 and went to the dentist. Then I picked up Michael because he wanted to hang out. Then WE went and tore down a barn with my family.
I felt like cheap Mexican labor the whole time. But I got paid in Slushys and Subway.
Then we went home and I ended up trekking through knee deep mud after a stubborn horse so Michael could go riding. I lost both boots.
Then I worked on making my prom dress (I'll probably make a little post about that later).
Then I had a guitar lesson.
Then I washed the horses with Michael.
THEN I finally got a chance to shower. And I took Michael home and he got mud and dirt all in my car. And we had a conversation about whether we were all the way broke up. Then I went home.
I get to do it all again tomorrow... Wee.

Oh. Michael's Mamma makes delicious French toast.

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