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Saturday, January 16, 2010

An Idea?

So my school has decided to do a student written play next year, and I'm one of the head writers in the Theatre Department.
I know I want to write it.
I know I want it to have a positive message.
But I don't want the topic to be cliched and overdone.

Help?? Any Ideas??


  1. Ummm tweak "truth" and do a stage production... add people do with it what you like! All I ask you video tape it and send it to me.

    If not that, then Maybe do one of thoes crafty "show within a show" theres ALWAYS so much that goes on bakc stage people never see...Or would that be to horrifing for audiences eyes?

  2. I would create a story that is timely to the current conditions.

    The idea that popped into my head was of an affluent but shallow suburban family that, after both parents are laid off, is plunged into homelessness and poverty. At first they disintegrate, but the struggle to emerge from their plight alters them, and when they're resituated they're stronger for it.

  3. Oh i do like that one as well as mickeys.. hmm. I love having options :]

  4. I think struggling to come up with a completely original idea for a play is always difficult. I think another great route to go is to take a famous play, something with a really recognizable theme (i.e. romeo and juliet) and find a really cool way to apply it. Always use what you know. That makes it easiest and usually, the best.


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