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Monday, January 11, 2010

The Who??

So I've decided to break up some of my story writing, with a little day to day life.
And now for a little background::
 I'm that girl who sits in the back of the class and laughs with her friends the whole day. I'm that girl that seems rather out of it most of the time and sometimes more than a little slow. I'm that girl that's facebook status that uses the words "writing, reading, singing, performaning" over 300 times in her status'. And yet, 'm also that brainy girl that takes all honors and AP Courses and remembers the most minute details.

So,background over with, I continue on to the funniest word challenge I have ever encountered.

Today, in 6th AP US History, I took an essay test.
My two best friends sit beside me and in front of me. (A rather bad combination after all of us consume 3 bags of Clodhoppers each as our meal) I digress. This essay is supposed to be over the Spanish- American War and US involvement in the Philippians.

It started out like any other essay test. Very. Slowly.
As I'm clawing through all the information I had in my brain and begin to write, the first sign of trouble appears.
I blanked.
Not on what i was going to say, rather, who I was saying it about.
So I lean over and whisper,
"Hey, Kristina, is it the Philippians, or the Philistines?"
She lets out a loud snort of laughter.
Every head turns our direction.
Still laughing, though now much quieter, she leans over and whispers,

And I move on.

A few minutes later, I run out of B.S. to put down. So I glance over to "borrow" some of Kristina's ideas.

The line I see is as follows:
"We went to war with Spain, because they were a bunch of meanies, and because we wanted to."
Chuckling slightly under my breath, I continue to look for ideas.

I glance over Erica's shoulder and see:
"We wanted Cuba, because not only would it give us access to valuable trade in the countries surrounding the Caribbean, but also because its a really nice sea cruise ships to take tourists on."
I laughed a little louder. And suddenly my raging tomboy side broke through my weak, girl-y appearance.

I wrote:
"We decided to annex Hawaii and American Samoa because we really wanted hula-dancing football players with long last names like 'Polamalu'."

But the fun doesn't stop there! Oh no!

The three of us turn in our essays and began to compare what we wrote.

Erica, though brilliant in her own way, is the WORST speller I have met in my entire short life. She's also easily confused.
Kristina is simply brilliant. She often points out little conundrums and interesting details.

So, after finishing our short discussion about content, Kristina asks.
"Why are the Philippians spelt with a P-H, but the name of they're people starts with an F?"

And for the priceless moment that caused a straight drop into chaos,
"Its spelt with a P-H?"
Erica's face was a priceless expression of mortification, shock, and total confusion.

Very wary of the answer, bracing myself for something odd, I asked the inevitable,
"Yes. How did you spell it?"



The explosion of laughter that followed caused our teacher to jump awake from his nap, the class next door to peak in our door from the hallway, and the permanently grumpy girl in the front of the room to turn around and fix a glare that seemed to wish for us to burn in our seats.

some 2 minutes later, Kristina catches her breath, wipes her eyes and says.
"Its spelled, P-H-I-L-L-I-P-I-A-N-S."

"Oh..." Erica says.

And suddenly I begin laughing twice as hard as before.
"What?" Erica asks, slightly confused as to why this was more funny than the initial spelling.

After I could talk again, I informed them that I had spelled it P-H-I-L-I-P-P-E-A-N-S."

Dear small islands located near Japan,

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