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Wednesday, January 13, 2010


"Songs without music are poems"
-Casey, 12

Originally, I was going to find some deep, insightful quote by some well known philosopher; but upon hearing this, those hopes were dashed.

You know that moment of silence after something truly shocking has been said? That moment after the perfect, biting, ego deflating comment has been formulated and delivered at the perfect moment? That moment after some one ruins a funny moment with a fail-tacular comment. The moments after your mother finishes explaining, over dinner, how ovaries work; permanently ruining spaghetti and meatballs for you?

Yes, one of those moments followed this observation by my 12 year old brother. My brother and I reacted some moments later with tactical facepalms.

Granted, the kid is only 12. But when I was 12, I was discussing the messages Dr. Seuss had cleverly hidden in his books, and complain about the poor use of the English vocabulary. What are the youth of the world coming to?!

Perhaps I, and my friends, are the exception to the rest of the generation.

Or maybe, all the brains and the brawn and the stunning good looks in the family were seized by the first 5 of my parents children, leaving the sixth genetically coded to fail....

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