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Monday, July 19, 2010

Change of Pace

Well, I haven't been here in awhile. I've been ridiculously busy balancing job searches, summer homework (ahh AP course...), and, of course, my on going story.

Which brings me to my first order of business.

I've taken down my postings on the story "Nettle". Not because I'm anywhere close to being finished, let alone published, but because recently the entire story line has shifted and now its nearly an entirely different story. Also, I'm starting a writing course at a community college on Wednesday in an effort to improve the quality of my work. After that I'll make this blog focused only on my writing.

Which brings up my second order of business....

After seemingly endless job searching (who would have known finding a job is harder that working one??), on a whim I called a local boutique to offer my services as a seamstress. And by some fluke, or luck, or higher power (whatever you want to believe), said Boutique was just about to advertise need for a mending/alterations person.

Lo and behold I am now sub-contracting for that beautiful little boutique.

MEANING: I'm actually starting up another blog in a few days were I can put those adventures/accomplishments in the hopes of one day being able to open my own custom dress shop somewhere, sometime, somehow. And also because I like to brag about my mad pre-historic skills.

If my calculations are correct (which they may not be... I was never very good at math...), at the rate in which the soft arts of cooking and sewing etc. etc. etc. are declining, then the field of fashion design will be in dire need of fresh talent by the time I graduate college. WEE!

In anycase. I have high hopes that you will hear from me more frequently and all that jazz.

Now I've gotta go read the constitution for my AP government class....


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