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Friday, July 23, 2010


Yes yes! I am! On my new blog though:

I'm going to give away hand-made lap top carriers! yes indeed.

But not your typical boring solid colors in black and brown.

Oh nooo.

The girly one will have the 50s poodle and leash on it
and the guys... well... Its gonna have an atomic bar cloth design on it if I can find a good one. If not... well, It'll still be fun and retro :]

Unfortunately.. before I can do a good fun give away I need more than one a few followers.

So check it out! I'm only just starting it. But I'll be posting more of fun things to try, and adventures I have and tips for fixin things up. and eventually I'll be making stuff to sell as I start to try my hand at the fashion industry.
and of course I'm happy to answer any questions about anything really!

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