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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Great White Way

Well, having nothing written to share at this particular moment I figure I'll share some things about New York City!

My performing group:

We sing, we dance, we wear sparkly outfits, and we go to NYC!

Every June my group takes a trip to the Big Apple (why is it even called that? there are very few Apples...)
We perform twice and spend the rest of our 5 day trip having a blast in downtown Manhattan.


Day One:

If you get on the Stanton Island Ferry at night this is the first thing you see pulling off.


This is what you'll see behind you.

And finally:

The Ferry doesn't get close enough to get really good pictures of lady liberty. You have to take the Manhattan Island Tour to get those. But nevertheless. You still get to see her. 

Day Two:
In the morning we preformed at Teaneck retirement community:

Then we rehearsed at the Brick Presbyterian Church for the next days performance/recording session. (Did I mention we make a CD while we're there? well... we do!)

The rest of the afternoon was all ours! I went to a street fair and bought this cute jumpsuit thing:

In the evening we went to Broadway shows. And i saw South Pacific in the very first row. I love the show. The whole experience was surreal.

I could reach out and touch the stage: 

Day Three:
In the morning we sang at their church service. It was a ton of fun. Then we went to the parish's strawberry festival.
Strawberry shortcake is different everywhere you go...But I've yet to have bad shortcake.

Then, that evening we went to:

Which is absolutely DELICIOUS. and there are quite a few cute italian men serving you. I wholeheartedly approve.
After we were stuffed full of Italian and Seafood (fresh calamari is amazing)
We walked the Brooklyn Bridge. I don't recommend this to people who suffer easily from vertigo.

I have no fear of heights, but seeing cars rushing by through the slats under my feet was disturbing.

Also, it doubles as a bike path. Theres a walking side and biking side. Stay on your side or else some grumpy tourist-hating native might knock you over.


It was kind of cold up there.

Day Four:
The morning was all ours!

So us girls shopped and then went to lunch.

In Times Square there is a delightful little place on the corner called Ellen's Stardust Diner. A fun 50s style diner where the girls where poodle skirts and the boys wear polos. It's basically a spring board for aspiring actors and actresses and singers. They sing, live, while they serve. Its wonderful fun! And I made some friends!

Meet Chris:

In this picture hes holding the highest note in Journey's Don't Stop Believing for a breathtaking amazing length thiry seconds. We counted. 

Here's wonder-boy again singing an original work:

And here is his youtube channel. He's very funny/awesome. Check him out:

This is our waiter singing You're the One That I Want from Grease. He was pretty awesome too. Very funny. His name was Sean. 

Yes, they stood on tables and danced on seats and jumped over railings. It was the most fun I'd ever had eating lunch.

Heres a bit more of the place:

This place is actual two stories! (everything is built UP in NYC)

I actually need to stop here for this particular minute. I'll post more later this evening, but the rest of the day's events have so many pictures! And this post is already getting very long. So later today tune in for the rest of my adventure!

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