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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Great White Way (part 2)

As promised, I'm back with more on my NYC trip!

So we left off at Ellen's Stardust Diner with Chris and Sean and the wonderful 50s feel at lunch time Day Four.
 After lunch we went to one of the most beautiful places that I've ever been.

The Cathedral of Saint John the Divine. Its non-denominational and has sections honoring just about everything from music and writing to sports and inventors.

Its been 200 years under construction and still isn't finished, but its still absolutely astounding.

It greets you from the street:

Don't you just love the architecture? There's so much detail! And this is only the outside!

Now, the cathedral is the length of 3? football fields from door to massive stained glass window:

Also, The statue of liberty, without her pedestal, can fit comfortably inside it:

Also, its home to the most powerful and largest pipe organ in the world. (8000 pipes in all). There was a fire about 5 years ago and each of those pipes had to be removed and cleaned. They only finished early this year.

It also has the biggest Rose Window in the World. It stands 5 stories high and the Jesus in the center is life-size

And now for other pretty things in the place:

Duke Ellington's Piano

Real golden doors:

One of the four gardens in the four courtyards.

Whew. What a place.

Day Five:
In the morning we picked a tour to take. I chose the Radio City Musical Hall tour and Top of The Rock.
We started with top of the rock (Rockefeller Center). Matt Damon happened to be filming on the very top floor.... but we weren't aloud to see him :'[

They had walls of diamond! like cut crystal diamonds.

Here's me at the top (no, those aren't micro machines!)

And this is the ground level where people ice skate in the winter!

And looking back... and up...very very up...

You know.... I think I'm going to save Radio City and Day 5 until tomorrow. Enjoy!

(oh and check out my other blog. I only just started it, but its gonna be interesting... I hope!)


  1. The doors to the church, are all that remains of the SS Normandie!

  2. haha i couldnt remember if that was the ship or not!

  3. Largest pipe organ in the world? Not by a mighty long shot. The largest is in Atlantic City, New Jersey, seven manuals plus pedals, over 400 ranks and over 33,000 individual pipes.

  4. I apologize. that was the information given to me by my tour guide. thanks for the correction


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