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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Great White Way (part 3)

And I'm back! With more fun pictures.

Yesterday we stopped at Top of the Rock, yes?

Well after that I went to Radio City. Which is quite the. place.

Here's what I saw.

A few years ago, Radio City underwent a restoration project, which cost a ton. I forget the exact amount. But this mural in the lobby took the longest to restore. 8 months I think is what our over-enthusiastic tour guide said. Also, anything gold you see is actual gold bar. 24 karot gold. and there is a LOT of it.

The chandelier (and everything else you'll see in the pictures) is the original that the Rockefeller's had put in. Also you'll notice the GOLD ceiling.

Next we were shown to the bathrooms. 

Many of the images on the walls are depicting the arts.

Honestly it felt more like a very fancy dressing room.

Then we went to the stage.
The stage is all run on hydraulics and basically can withstand any weight. The hydraulics can lift the stage from the third level of the basement up to the theatre level.

Basically, no seat is any better than any other seat in this place. There are no box seats or anything. This picture was taken from the last row in the highest balcony.

Technically, we weren't supposed to take pictures of the stage (since it was before the tony's were held) but our tour guide let us.

And then we were off to see where the Rockettes worked.
On the way we passed the design room. They've kept every single costume from every single girl!

And I met Candice, the Rockette.
There are all sorts of height and dance requirements you have to meet to be a rockette... unfortunately, I don't meet any of them.

And this is the guest book that all sorts of famous people have signed.

Then we went off to our shows for the evening. I saw Jersey Boys. Matt Bogart is gorgeous and I actually ended up walking a block with him after the show. Awesome Moment really.

The rest of these pictures basically explain the rest of my last in the city until next year:


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